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If someone thinks that the Polish market of speakers is bland

it means that they have yet to meet Lucas Jacobiak. Inspirational stories, contagious energy, intelligent sense of humor and charisma are just some of his features.

One needs much more than 20m2 to accommodate this much creativity. I recommend him!


Jakub B. Bączek, Mental Coach

– after Lucas lecture at the university of Oxford


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Being a motivational speaker Lucas conducts trainings and lectures across Poland entitled: "Find the Strength" and "Be greedy, have dreams, win life." In 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016, he realized his series of lectures throughout Poland. With Jack Walkiewicz he conducted lectures in Wroclaw and Warsaw. During the "Go Big Or Go Home" seminar with Randy Gage and Mateusz Grzesiak, he lectured the audience of over five hundred people. Lucas performed as one of the 12 best speakers at the Inspiration Festival in 2014, 2015 and 2016. In March 2015 he conducted his lectures at Greenwich and Oxford Universities. Lucas was also a speaker during one of the biggest motivational events in Europe - Life Without Limits - with Nick Vujicic and Les Brown. In 2016, he was a guest of Sebastian Kotow at the Domino Effect event where he conducted his lecture. In January 2017 he performed (as the host and speaker) at one of the largest events for women - Queens of Life. By January 2017 his audience amounted to over 65 000 people during live performances. He has been a guest and lecturer at many conferences, i.a. "Łódź JungleWeb" "Like us, TOO" at the Jagiellonian University, "Creative Mornings" in Warsaw and "20th Economic Forum" in Toruń.





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For his stunning activity Lucas was nominated to the Wiktory Award in category: Television Discovery of the Year 2012.

In 2014 he ranked among 50 Most Creative in Business, a ranking of the Brief magazine. Annually, he conducts nearly 100 motivational lectures for companies such as Allianz, PZU, Coca Cola, Loreal, W.Kruk,, 3M, Bacardi, BZ WBK, Orange, Aviva, UBS, Beko, Avon, Gedeon Richter, GSK, Microsoft, iSpot, Siemens, Lekam, ING, PLAY, PEPSICO. What is characteristic of motivational lectures of Lucas Jacobiak is that he tells his own stories that he has experienced and on their basis he shows how perseverance and the right attitude help achieve goals. On his own example he proves that any, even the most daring, ideas to express oneself are feasible. He argues that nothing is impossible, pushing the boundaries of imagination, motivating and encouraging others to realize dreams. His lectures usually end with a standing ovation and a new vision of the future. He teaches what you should do to begin to act, how action can become a habit, why we do not act, why we give up, how to get motivated and what to do when we lose motivation. He presents a detailed overview of motivation, a subject he has been fascinated by for several years now. His lectures are carried out in a relaxed manner and feature a number of photographs and video materials documenting the incredible stories he has been a part of. Lucas participated in the first edition of the Polish National Achievers Congress in Poland, where, among others, Robert Kiyosaki delivered his presentation; he took part in Jack Canfield's seminar and Mateusz Grzesiak's and Brian Tracy's trainings, as well as in The Way Ahead event with Tony Robbins. In 2013, he became a member of the Association of Professional Speakers in Poland.  In his talk-show he hosted, i.a., with Jack Canfield, Lukasz Milewski, Mateusz Grzesiak and Brian Tracy.




Jakub B. Bączek,

Mental coach


„If someone thinks that the Polish market of speakers is bland

it means that they have yet to meet Lucas Jacobiak. Inspirational stories, contagious energy, intelligent sense of humor and charisma are just some of his features.

One needs much more than 20m2 to accommodate this much creativity. I recommend him!”






     Mariusz Szuba 

Personal Development and Public Speaking Coach.


„Lucas can listen to people. He is a very interesting and inspiring man who with his actions

proves that you can accomplish great things. 80% practice and 20% of theory - a motivating mix which forms a natural energy bomb. I strongly recommend him!”






​​Sebastian Kotow

CEO MindShift Lab, lecturer at the Leon Koźmiński Academy



„Lucas Jacobiak is a special person. He can be a point of reference for many - when it comes to ambition, tenacity, perseverance, creativity and diligence. His passion for helping others, testing on himself how much can be achieved and how far one can get is inspirational for hundreds of thousands of people. His performance encourages others to take action, to believe that we can reach for much more than before. He is an enthusiast with a beautiful story of life and many successes which he achieved by defeating his weaknesses and limitations, not giving up and showing that if you really want to achieve something, you'll succeed.”





      Łukasz Milewski

CEO Milewski & Partnerzy

Organizer of the biggest events in europe



„Lucas Jacobiak is undoubtedly a man of great consistency in action, a feature the army could learn from him. Above all, he is a leader who with his life and passion proves that anything is possible no matter how many obstacles one meets in life. An inspiring speaker, who emanates with optimism and joy of life on tens of thousands of people across the country. This man really does make a difference. It is a great pleasure to work with him because while others complain that they won't manage, he gives his 150% and more. Thank you for being, it's a real pleasure.”





     Paweł Jan Mróz




„Brave, determined, positive, crazy - these are the character traits that I see in Lucas.

When he has a goal, he will do everything and more to achieve it. He is one of those people who know what they want and step-by-step try to achieve their goals with each step being bigger and bigger! You can learn it from Lucas, he can definitely teach you that. I recommend doing it!”





       Jerzy Zientkowski

Vice President of the Association of the Profesional Speakers



Working with Lucas is a great experience. On the one hand, he is open, helpful and communicative, on the other, pragmatic, professional, and geared for success; he is a rare mix of speakers who are great to work with and achieve results. On top of that he targets the big inspirational goals - and then talks about them, makes you always want more.





     Jacek Walkiewicz




„Ruthless for circumstances that are in his way.”





     Piotr Najsztub




In the WPROST magazine wrote: „Human tank from Radom.”







„An absolute hit” - the review was written after Lucas delivered a presentation during TEDxLublin on 22 November 2014.




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